Tuesday, March 23, 2010

slow start.

So I just realized that I am about to be as good at blogging as I am returning phone calls.  So let's put a stop to that right now.  I have been slow on the start up of this, buuuut good news!  I am awaiting a new computer so I won't have to use Graham's or sneak at work.  (Just kidding, Mom!  I don't sneak at work).  It comes next week, and I am quite excited.  I will finally have something to upload pictures to!

Still settling into the apartment (pictures to come, see above).  My next task on the to-do list is curtains.  We have dismantled out 70lbs+ closet sliding doors because 1. they weigh 70lbs+ and 2. they're alignment prohibited Graham and I from accessing our sides simultaneously, which created really unpleasant weekday mornings.  I know, I know - I don't know why we had to get in there at the same time.  We just did.

But that won't happen this weekend because this weekend is Brie's Bachelorette Party!  We are driving up to Santa Barbara on Friday and renting a huge house (there are 16 of us, lord help us) and taking a party bus wine tasting in Santa Ynez on Saturday.  The boys are having their Bachelor party this weekend as well.  Graham's the best man so he has been planning fervishly for it.  I'm looking forward to a mini vaca.  I am not looking forward to Monday.

Also I joined a new gym!  Goodbye to my pricey snobby yoga studio.  Hello Gold's Gym with lots of classes (including yoga), a swimming pool, and cinema cardio room with new releases, and a steal of a membership fee.  Gots to get into bikini shape for the upcoming trip to Costa Rica!  We have been nesting since the wedding.  Literally.  hehe.  (That joke will never get old, sorry Aftan).

Love to everyone.  I will make up my lack of pictures I promise!

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