Saturday, October 9, 2010




Hello, friends and family!  I am happy to report that I have finally climbed out from underneath stacks of architecture books and mock exams and study guides, and have returned to the real world (er, virtual world, I guess) after completing my architecture testing (for now, more on that later).  Instead of reflecting on what I've learned from countless late-night study sessions for the past 10 weeks, I would rather take a moment and reflect on a few things from the past year.   A year of beginnings, memorable firsts, and lessons.  (Oh, the lessons...)  I'm am sure all of you have already learned these - a few I thought I already knew, but somehow found myself relearning...again and again... 

1.  Forgive and move on.

2.  Time moves faster when you're married.

3.  The kitchen is messier when you're married. 

4.  Ask for forgiveness. 

5.  Don't keep score - you'll lose... no matter what the score is.

6.  Everyone says awful things when they're mad - see #1.  And especially #4.

7.  My husband knows me very well, probably better than anyone, but he still can't read my mind, nor should he be expected to.

8.  99% of the time I can read his mind.  I haven't yet decided if this is a good thing.

9.  If you want something done, you need to ask for it, politely, or do it yourself.  If you choose to do it yourself, see #5.

10.  If both of you can laugh or at least crack a smile during a fight, it's a good sign it's almost over.  If only one of you is doing that, it's not ending anytime soon.

11.  Gatorade doesn't make popsicles, but if I tell my sick husband that pedialyte popsicles are gatorade popsicles, he won't know the difference, and he will hydrate himself feeling like a man.  Everybody wins!

12.  Do NOT get in the way of a husband who needs to blow off steam.  Get out of the way and let the man go to the gym.

13.  Doing nothing together is something. 

14.  Make the effort to do something sometimes.

15.  Focus on what your husband does, versus what he doesn't.  Ehhh... sometimes what he doesn't is good too.

I asked Graham to compile a list of lessons that he has learned, and his response was "That would be an f****** long list and would take too long to complete."  Ah, well, he was on his way to the gym anyway.  Happy 1-year my love!

What are some lessons that you've learned?  Or that I should be prepared for?!


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  1. You have learned & verbalized so much in such a short time! I must print out your list & study - you have much to teach, my ever so smart daughter! I have a lot to learn from you!
    You continue to make me smile from my heart! I love you. Momma